プロパティ値 説明 参考リンク
$schema -
id -
alias A short name usually given by developer. It does not need to be localized and is expected to stay the same through the lifetime of the component.
componentType Type of client side component ("Application", "Extension", "Library", or "WebPart"). Components with the "Application" type are defined by the "IClientSideApplicationManifest" interface; components with the "WebPart" type are defined by the "IClientSideWebPartManifest" interface; and so forth.
version Client side component version. The value of this field is expected to be controlled by the developer of the client side component. The purpose of this field is to help client side component developers upgrade their client side components in a managed way. This helps the consumers of the client side component make decisions about when and how to upgrade the client side component. As the developer evolves the code for their client side component, they can decide to bump the MAJOR, MINOR or PATCH version of the component. All incompatible API changes should result in a MAJOR version bump. Backwards compatible functionality changes should result in a MINOR version bump, and backwards compatible bug fixes should result in a PATCH version bump. Please see http://semver.org for more details on how to manage the version of your components.
manifestVersion -
canUpdateConfiguration If set to "true", this web part uses the property pane to update the configuration of a web part.
disabledOnClassicSharepoint If set to "true", this web part will not be visible on the modern SharePoint toolbox.
hiddenFromToolbox If set to "true", this web part will not be visible on the modern SharePoint toolbox. ツールボックスで Web パーツを非表示にする
imageLinkPropertyNames List of names of Web Part properties that are image sources and need to be link fixed up and potentially preloaded for performance reasons.
isolationLevel Describes the level of isolation ("None", "DOMIsolation") needed for the "WebPart".
linkPropertyNames List of names of Web Part properties that are links and need to be link fixed up. Link fixup is a SharePoint feature to help make sure SharePoint internal links in the content are correct. Pages and content can be moved around within SharePoint site hierarchy.
loadLegacyFabricCss Indicates whether to use the legacy Fabric CSS load sequence. Components after 1.1 can leave this false, unless there are visual regressions after updating your SPFx version.
loaderConfig All client side components built on the SharePoint framework need a valid component manifest. This interface represents properties that are required by all types of client side components like Applications and Web Parts. Component specific manifests will extend this interface to add properties required by that component type.
preloadComponents A list of component manifests that must be preloaded alongside this component. These may include external resources that are needed during initial render, or components that should be loaded only on demand.
requiredCapabilities The set of capabilities this web part requires from the host page in order to be usable. If the host does not support one of the required capabilities, the web part will not be visible in the toolbox.
properties Property bag for the component manifest.
safeWithCustomScriptDisabled -
searchablePropertyNames List of names of Web Part properties that need to be indexed for search.
supportsFullBleed If set to "true", this web part supports and has been tested for full bleed experience. 全幅列で Web パーツを使用する
supportsThemeVariants If set to "true", this web part supports and has been tested for the theme variants experience. セクションの背景のサポート
requiresCustomScript -
supportedHosts An array indicates the web part supports any of following hosts. If this property is missing the default is SharePointFullPage SharePoint Online での Single Part App Pages の使用
SharePoint Framework を使用した Microsoft Teams タブの作成
preconfiguredEntries A Web Part can have pre-configured properties like the title, description, toolbox group name and Web Part specific custom properties. 事前構成済みのエントリを使用して Web パーツの追加を簡略化する
Web パーツ アイコンの構成